Pete rose should be in the baseball hall of fame

The 9 best MLB players still not in the Hall of Fame

On August 16,Pete was again a Cincinnati Red. His changing stories have established that anybody who believes anything Pete Rose says is a fool. Those are different questions. Rose has been banned from the game since for gambling.

He isn't enshrined as an inductee, because the induction criteria says "playing ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, their contributions to the team.

He has more base hits than anyone in the history of baseball, but he isn't in the Hall of Fame. He is second all-time in doubles, fourth in runs, and collected at least hits in his first 23 seasons, a record. This has long struck me as a glaring example of ex post facto unfairness.

In a vacuum, Rose is of course a bleedingly obvious first-ballot Hall of Famer, and at the very least he deserves to have his case presented to the voters. Readers of Pete Rose: Those are just a few of his statistics. Columnists often bring up how "Cap" Anson once told a black player to get off the field, and claimed it somehow led to a lengthy ban on blacks in baseball.

The Hall of Fame should tell the true story of baseball. We believe in confession and redemption. Rose had not only bet on baseball, but he bet on his own team, while he was managing never to lose, he says, always to win.

My feeling that he belongs in the Hall of Fame has nothing to do with forgiveness. He was also intensely interested in betting on horses, football, and baseball, among other activities.

Pete Rose, Gambling, and the Hall of Fame

Not one of them has ever been stripped, asterisked up or erased from the record books. To the latter point, there's no harm in letting players have their day before either the BBWAA or the appropriate veterans' committee -- voting bodies that are, you know, tasked with considering the full complement of each candidate's accomplishments and misdeeds.

What do you think. He's long had his evangelists among fans and the press, but since he finally admitted to betting on baseball games in which he was involved in his autobiography, Rose has worked even harder to reconstruct his image and curry favor with MLB.

No and yes are the answers, respectively. Previously Rose had sought reinstatement as the path to consideration and, perhaps, enshrinement.

Is betting really worse than using steroids. Remember that saying, "the truth will set you free". Giamatti died eight days later.

Pete, he'll treat you the same whether you're a janitor or whether you own the building. An American Dilemma, may agree. He's a little roguish, and, yeah, he likes to gamble a little bit.

Pete rose in the hall of fame?

You know, nobody ever gets more than two or, at most, three write-in votes ever, and Pete has continued to get them. He never admitted to it until January 7, on ABC television. All of it -- good, bad and ugly. Oh, well he is the most beloved figure in Cincinnati. But many folks seem to enjoy doing that.

Email No matter what you think of Pete Rose, you can't deny what an electric moment it was on September 11th,when Rose became baseball's all-time major league hit leader -- a record that still stands today.

Today, 25 years after Major League Baseball closed the door on Pete Rose, the subject of his being declared “permanently ineligible” stirs intense feelings on both sides of the foul line, because that status is what’s keeping Pete Rose from ever being considered for the Hall of Fame.

Subsequently, Rose should be enshrined in baseball immortality as a member of the Hall of Fame. His numbers speak for themselves. And while Rose’s detractors point to his illicit gambling as the primary reason for keeping Rose out, it is simultaneously the best reason, outside of.

Watch video · The Hall of Fame should tell the true story of baseball: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the inspiring, the embarrassing. Let Pete Rose in. Apr 10,  · Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose has formally asked new Commissioner Rob Manfred for reinstatement into Major League Baseball, and most baseball fans think that request should.

“Pete Rose was a crazy good baseball player and I want to play just like him,” Brandon said. “I’ve seen video of him and I know his record – 4, hits.

Pete Rose still belongs in Hall of Fame

No one else did that and he should be in the Hall of Fame.”. Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame To some, including myself, baseball is the greatest sport that has ever been played. It is a game played by two opposing teams made of multiple players, but only nine players per team play at the same time.

Pete rose should be in the baseball hall of fame
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