Rubens massacre of the innocents essay

He grew up during the Spanish war against protestant rebels in that lasted eight years.

Massacre of the Innocents

The King, Herod the Greatdirects them to Bethlehem, and asks them to let him know who this king is when they find him. The visual and optical result is that one has the idea that the women are softer in general.

Apart from the Flemish Baroque style, the painting is said to have some elements of Chiaroscuro technique developed by the renaissance artist Caravaggio. The major figures are all facing the same direction and are slanted diagonally from left to right in an upward motion.

When he [emperor Augustus] heard that among the boys in Syria under two years old whom Herod, king of the Jews, had ordered killed, his own son was also killed, he said: This brutal massacre happened for one night.

Massacre of the Innocents The subject of the painting is the intense massacre of the infants during the time of Herod the Great who after a prophecy, got furious that a Jew boy Jesus would uproot his grand reign.

The women are predominantly painted a subtle pinkish white while the men are decidedly darker and more yellowish in appearance.

Rubens massacre of the innocents essay

The linear plane of the foreground is counteracted by gray columns that emerge from behind the scene, giving it a greater sense of depth and balance and which would certainly have made considerable difference were they not placed there.

Background[ edit ] Matthew 2 tells how the Magiwise men from the East skilled in the interpretation of heavenly signs, come to Jerusalem seeking the one born to be king of the Jews. Rubens achieves his goal with this painting, which makes him an excellent artist. Not only is color used symbolically, but it also draws the eye into the piece.

Thus, master painter Peter Paul Rubens has succeeded to represent the intensity of the real biblical event with oil on panel. A Master in the Making. It was an alternative to the Flight into Egypt in cycles of the Life of the Virgin. Rubens creates depth by use of chiaroscuro and the movement of figures from the dark inner city onto the street Absolute Astronomy Metropolitan Museum receives Lot and His following The Massacre of the Innocents rubens massacre of the innocents essay Information from the lot essay.

The result of this is that while the painting is clearly biographical and iconographic, it is also meant for decorative purposes. That night, was more of like real hell descending on the face of earth for a little time. Rubens, Peter Paul (), The Massacre of the Innocents,oil on oak panel, The Thompson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario The art has been prevalent throughout the entire history.

The Massacre of the Innocents is among the most expensive items ever sold in history. Its value increased tremendously when the painting was traced back to Sir Rubens by David Jaffe. At the Sotheby’s auction init was sold for a whooping £ million making it the most expensive painting in the UK and in Europe to date.

The work shows the massacre ordered by king Herod. He had been told by the Three Wise Men that a King of the Jews had been born, and. massacre of the innocents paul rubens.

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Words May 6th, 5 Pages. Massacre of the Innocents, painted by Peter Paul Rubens in portray a biblical scene from the Gospel of Matthew narrating the massacre ordered by King Herod in the. The Massacre of the Innocents – Paul Rubens. The Massacre of the Innocents – Paul Rubens Plump, voluptuous women usually grace the canvases of Paul Rubens, famous for popularizing the fuller figure - The Massacre of the Innocents – Paul Rubens introduction.

His work is commonly identified with rich coloring, sumptuous décor and .

Rubens massacre of the innocents essay
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