Should the state take severely obese

She needs help to learn to feed him good healthy meals and to get him an education. Ludwig would ideally want parent-child separations to be shorter — and used only as a last resort. In fact smoking in the presence of your children is overt child abuse—in fact smoking in the presence of anyone else even other non-smoking at the moment smokers is assault.

Want to see things go awry just let the government get a hold of it. I think the threat of losing their kids might get these parents motivated to do the right things. I am lucky to have four kids that look much as I and my siblings looked growing up as kids, Skinny by todays standards.

In the Swedish study, the average age was 17 and the average BMI was That surgery can cost as much as the bariatric surgery. Unless a clear benefit can be shown, it is not worth it. Should obese children be taken from their parents. Choose Type of service.

Marian I know a kid who is obese and I was trying to help him to eat healthier foods. All the mom has to do is stop buying junk and have the kids drink water instead of sweetened drinks.

Should the State Take Severely Obese Children from Their Parents? Essay

I would consider myself a low income American and I do have trouble affording healthier food. The study notes that being severely overweight as a teenager has medical, social and economic problems. I just want her to get help and for him to get help to be a prosperous adult. Major research is clearly needed.

The boy did lose some weight initially but began to gain it back, and that was when the state stepped in, placing the boy into foster care. My point is that yes, I agree that proper food is more expensive and I have experienced this problem first hand. He struggled and argued with her.

However in very, very ancient days a grossly fat wife was a status symbol for her husband sorry research did not mention if he actually touched her or not. I ate healthy meals almost everyday at home as a child, but it was the other rubbish that I put into my body during the day that led to my obesity.

I feel very sorry for the kid. And taking kids away from their parents is probably the worst idea and would only serve to exacerbate the problem, as many comments have noted. Social workers worked with the boy's mother for a year before asking the court for custody of the child, the Plain Dealer reported.

That means you, candy, soda, fried food and snack food outfits. Of course eating habits are the number one reason but what do you reach for as a comfort food carbs thats what I reach for, as do most of my friends — the difference.

Should Parents Lose Custody of Extremely Obese Kids?

I think one reason is parents see our area as mostly safe Children are out riding bikes and just running around being children.

The few existing studies involve up to 5 years after the surgery. Due to complexity of individual assessments and many factors to be taken into account, it is not easy to standardize it. He likes traditional, calorie-rich kid foods such as mac-and-cheese and pizza as much as any child, but he also likes arugula and gravlax.

This is some Nazi ass crap and should not even be debated in a free society… Mike Ahh, only 4 comments before Hitler made an appearance. So just using those numbers, that would mean that 1, would live in Cuyahoga County alone To qualify for the surgery, teenagers must have a BMI of at least 40 plus other medical problems e.

The county listed that the boy's weight put him at risk for developing diabetes and hypertension, but not that he is currently suffering from those issues. But we can do that on a more general level, not having government agents come to the home and rate your child rearing.

The government should have the right to remove severely obese children from their parents' home and place them in foster care, two US doctors argued in a controversial editorial published.

Parents, in some cases, should lose custody of their severely obese children, argued Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity expert at Children's Hospital Boston, in an opinion piece that ran in the Journal. Too much weight can take a toll on your body, especially your heart.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to get healthier — and even losing a little body weight can start you on the right path. If you’re extremely obese, losing weight can mean “less heart disease, less diabetes.

Jul 14,  · for 1 i am a mother of 4 and low income (not by choice)and have to make the choice of cheap or healthy and alot of time cheap wins because i want them to get full and not go Hungary if i get.

Reality Check: Should obese children be taken from their parents? what right did the state have to take that straight-A student? Where did this idea to take obese and severely overweight.

Jul 14,  · What’s the News: Childhood obesity rates have escalated dramatically in recent years, in concert with nationwide explosion that has 34% of American adults falling into that category.


Should the state take severely obese
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