The black stallion ledgened

The Black Stallion Legend

I can't As a book in a series about a horse, this is lousy. Flame strongly resembles an Arabian, though much larger - similar to The Black. Characters[ edit ] Alexander "Alec" Ramsay - the red-headed young man is a main character in Walter Farley's books.

My favorite character in the book is Alec because he was not afraid of the loco brothers and he did protect the native American village from danger the loco brothers. The Black Stallion Returns - Now famous for winning the match race, Alec discovers that two men are after the Black.

The Black Stallion Ledgened

He eventually discovers he is not alone - the horse has also survived, and is trapped with its ropes caught on some rocks. The three horses finally make it into the starting gate.

Alec finds the stallion in the barn of Henry Dailey, a retired jockey and racehorse trainer, who apparently spent all night catching the Black.

Steve is a slightly unhappy, easily annoyed character who Alec strives to befriend but is unable to get past Steve's rather strange personality.

The Black Stallion

The Black surprises Henry with his speed. Napoleon is the Black's stable mate and close pal, but he and Satan were not on good terms in the beginning, due to Satan's original savage nature. None of the characters seemed right, the story was just absolutely bizarre, and I can honestly say that I will not read the book again.

Napoleon pulls Tony's vegetable cart through the smaller areas of New York, though he eventually is retired and becomes the Black's full-time companion. Alec does not see the wound until he is in the gate. Alec quickly returns to his cabin. He is comparable to Henry in several ways, but Alec describes him as looking more tired and less happy.

My only guess is that Mr. So I have less trouble with Alec not remembering loading up his horse and leaving home after horrible news that he found out in the newspaper.

As a father's meditation on what the world looks like after he's lost his daughter, this is powerful.

The Black Stallion

Farley had not written a Black Stallion book in about 20 years, and perhaps had forgotten some of the characterizations from when he had written most of them. My favorite part in the book was when Alec and the black ran into the loco brothers, and they tried to kill them but did not succeed ha ha.

He is shocked to read, "but for that, we would have destroyed him. When Alec and the black reunited, it looked like the legend had come to life. The Black Stallion is a unique bedroom home, located in the heart of the gated Currituck Club golf community and designed to be an ideal environment for families and friends to build lasting memories together.

The Black Stallion Logo is a Registered Trademark. Black Stallion Ranch - The Official Fan Site by Tim Farley. This book, The Black Stallion Legend, is actually the last book in the series (there was one written after but it's a prequel) and it was written over forty years after the first book was.

Which may account for why it's such a drastic change from the original tone of the series/5. Find great deals on eBay for the black stallion legend.

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Shop with confidence. About The Black Stallion Legend. Alec Ramsey has fled Hopeful Farm in order to alleviate his grief over Pam’s sudden death. He and the Black are aimlessly wandering through the Arizona desert when they hear an amazing Native American legend: The end of the world is near, but help is promised from a rider on a black horse.

The Black Stallion: The Black Stallion Legend by Walter Farley (1983, Hardcover)

Alec inquires about learning to ride the Black, but Dailey is at first skeptical - no papers exist, and he's considered a wild stallion. However, Dailey agrees to teach Alec the ways of riding.

The two of them, along with the Black, undergo frequent, rigorous training in riding and saddling a horse.

The black stallion ledgened
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