The importance of the discovery of the sutton hoo helmet

Bowls[ edit ] A deep fluted bowl with two small swing handles which were detached at the time of discovery, because solder tends to loosen during burial is of a type found in several late Roman silver hoards, such as those in the Esquiline Treasure from Rome, and from Traprain Law in Scotland.

There were two gilt-bronze discs with animal interlace ornamenta bronze brooch, a silver buckle, and a gold-coated stud from a buckle. The mound, one of 18 at the site, but, seemingly, the only one not to have been ransacked, at Woodbridge, Suffolk, was believed to be a burial similar to those of the sea-faring rulers of Scandinavia and originally contained a foot-long boat.

This is a good source for those who need good photograp hs and descriptions of the individual artifacts and less focus on the actual dig. Differences in their daily material culture changed, as they stopped living in roundhouses and constructed rectangular timber homes similar to those found in Denmark and northern Germany.

Some have suggested the pieces were looted from sites in Italy during World War II, brought back to England and re-buried so as to stage a "discovery", though most scholars give little credit to that theory, and abide by the standard story that the objects were hidden by fleeing Romans who intended to come back for it at a later date and never did.

Between and further excavations were done on the mound and four more pieces were found.

Sutton Hoo

Their language developed into Old English, a Germanic language that was different from the languages previously spoken in Britain, and they were pagansfollowing a polytheistic religion. Bacchus himself appears with his panther and Silenus at the '12 o'clock' position on the circle in relation to the orientation of the Oceanus head, so that in most illustrations of the dish, he is seen upside-down at the top of the picture.

Many details of the discovery remained uncertain, not least because it took place in wartime. There were also three blank coins and two small ingots.

The outer surface of the so-called "Bromewell bucket" was decorated with a Syrian - or Nubian -style friezedepicting naked warriors in combat with leaping lions, and had an inscription in Greek that translated as "Use this in good health, Master Count, for many happy years. There is a section for the study of artifacts, Sutton Hoo is put into historical context, relati ons to Beowulf are discussed, and there is also a section on archaeology.

The bird soaring up meets the jaws of a dragon plunging down, its thick iron body inlaid with zigzag silver wire curving over the crest. His missing right eye suggests that he is Odin. They were deliberately collected.

The covered bowl [13] is a vessel of particular interest. It is in that region, especially at Vendelthat close archaeological parallels to the ship burial are found, both in its general form and in details of the military equipment contained in the burial.

Sutton Hoo

No other such figural plaques were known in England, apart from a fragment from a burial at CaenbyLincolnshire[57] until the discovery of the Staffordshire hoardwhich contained many.

Extensive study of the coins has revealed that they were probably gathered together between the dates of and AD. Both of these small dishes have scratched graffiti in Greek on their undersides: Above these was a silver ladle with gilt chevron ornament, also of Mediterranean origin.

There appear to have been more exotic coloured hangings or spreads, including some possibly imported woven in stepped lozenge patterns using a Syrian technique in which the weft is looped around the warp to create a textured surface.


It is thought that a gallows once stood on Mound 5, in a prominent position near to a significant river-crossing point, and that the graves contained the bodies of criminals, possibly executed from the 8th and 9th centuries onwards. Under Mound 3 were the ashes of a man and a horse placed on a wooden trough or dugout biera Frankish iron-headed throwing-axeand imported objects from the eastern Mediterraneanincluding the lid of a bronze ewerpart of a miniature carved plaque depicting a winged Victoryand fragments of decorated bone from a casket.

Since its discovery inthe Sutton Hoo burial site has been the most important physical link to the Anglo Saxon world. The site consists of 19 or 20 burial mounds that were most likely formed between and AD. These graves show the technol ogy and traditions of a culture where pagan.

The Mildenhall Treasure is a large hoard of 34 masterpieces of Roman silver tableware from the 4th century AD, and by far the most valuable Roman objects artistically and by weight of bullion in Britain.

It was found at West Row, near Mildenhall, Suffolk, in the year It consists of over thirty items and includes the Great Dish weighing over 8kg alone.

Mildenhall Treasure

Sutton Hoo is of primary importance to early medieval historians because it sheds light on a period of English history that The Sutton Hoo helmet differs from the Swedish examples in having an iron skull of a single vaulted J.

Campbell,The Impact of the Sutton Hoo discovery on the Study of Anglo-Saxon History, in The. Sutton Hoo is of primary importance to early medieval historians because it sheds light on a period of English history that is on the margin between myth, the Sutton Hoo helmet is a product of better craftsmanship.

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Sutton Hoo: Facts About the Anglo-Saxon Burial Site The importance of the discovery of the sutton hoo helmet
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