Why the germans supported the nazi

During the Cold War, the fear of communism induced Americans to permit their government to collect massive amounts of income taxes to fund the military-industrial complex and to let U.

The logical conclusion of all this hatred was to kill the hated, and between andthey did; as many as they could lay their hands on. She said that one day Freisler and his ilk would be sitting in the dock being judged by others for their crimes. Before Hitler began his war, his approval rating was in the 90's as he had achieved much up until that point.

Whether they agreed with the war effort or not, the German people were expected to support the troops, which meant supporting the war effort.

Would you like to merge this question into it. In fact, my hunch is that very few Americans realize that Social Security, public schooling, Medicare, and Medicaid have their ideological roots in German socialism. There was one big problem, however -- one that the German people were unaware of: Much suggests, in fact, that between the death of Hindenburg in August and the expansion into Austria and the Sudetenland four years later Hitler was indeed successful in gaining the backing of the vast majority of the German people, something of immeasurable importance for the disastrous course of German policy ahead.

The Führer Myth: How Hitler Won Over the German People

Most Germans did not want to know what was going on inside the concentration camps. The German Condor Legion included a range of aircraft and their crews, as well as a tank contingent.

That objection, however, ignores an important point: That was what the Hitler Youth was all about — inculcating in young people the notion that they owed a duty to devote at least part of their lives to society. While he might consult with the Reichstag or advise it of his plans, he did not need its consent to declare and wage war against another nation.

Would you have supported your government or would you have opposed it, not only during the s but also after the outbreak of World War II.

It was an idea also resonating in the collectivist atmosphere that was permeating the United States during the s.

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The main use was terror. A Lesson in Dissent ", which I am pleased to say was later reprinted in Voices of the Holocaust, an anthology on the Holocaust for high-school students. Of course, government officials encouraged that mindset of conscious indifference. Even Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans eagerly joined the Hitler Youth when they were in high school.

Fluent in Spanish and conversant in Italian, he has delivered speeches and engaged in debates and discussions about free-market principles with groups all over the United States, as well as Canada, England, Europe, and Latin America, including Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina.

Who are the German Nazi party members?

Germany was one of leading bastions of Reform Judaism, and by c. Hope, desperation, brainwashing and peer pressure were major reasons why Germans supported the policies of Hitler.

For the most part, Germans hoped for a new leader to make their country great. Aug 20,  · -It has long intrigued me why the German people supported Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime.

After all, every schoolchild in America is taught that. Jul 02,  · Why did Germans support Hitler and Nazi party during WWII and before?

There was a huge amount of germans who did not support Hitler and people supported him because post WW1 the economic restrictions placed on germany left most people poor and angry he promised to solve that problem wich he sort of did.

Dont forget Status: Resolved. In all societies, citizens "buy into" whatever they think will help them the most. In addition, sometimes people get "intoxicated" (i.e.

Nazi Germany

overwhelmed by) the idea or influence of being powerful. D) Who supported the Nazis? Shopkeeper in b.

Why did Germans support Hitler and Nazi party during WWII and before?

economic, political, nationalist, etc., and see how many slogans there are There are also accounts by Germans and foreigners who lived in Germany and How does support for the Nazi Party differ by region? b. Why do you think it differed in this way?

7. Jul 02,  · Best Answer: People supported Hitler when he took power because conditions were so bad in Germany that they were willing to try anything.

They continued to support him afterwards because, before he started his war, he was doing what he promised and things in Germany kept getting better, if you weren't a Jew, that elleandrblog.com: Resolved.

Why the germans supported the nazi
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